Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Psychedelic Fun Times

Had a very good night last night, even if it meant getting to bed by 2am. *yawn* Sleepiness at work is worth it, though!

Met up with Marc & Yolande for beers (having walked through the pouring rain to get to the bar, but the lightning was fantastic!) then Yo and I headed to the Starlite room to see the Brian Jonestown Massacre.

I really like these guys, and the chances of them coming to Edmonton often are slim to none, so I jumped at the chance to go, even if it means an even tighter wallet over the next few days. Ah well.

They had an awesome set. Considering that I don't know most of their material, it amazed me that I really got into every song they played. Not one boring moment or so-so song. They were all fantastic! Sadly, I never got to see an encore, as Yolande and I left the concert before the end of the set. Not sure how long they continued, but we left after about 2 hours and they showed no signs of stopping. I have never seen a band play continuously for so long. They must have been exhausted, but they sounded terrific!

I fell in love with this band after watching the documentary "Dig!" a few years back. If you haven't seen it yet, rent it. Even though the POV is rather skewed, you get to see these guys perform, and trust me, it's worth it!

I had a sneaking feeling at the concert that I was going to have a run-in with the ex, as we both discovered the band together. True to form, he was there with his new ladyfriend. Didn't see her, but saw him behind me and smiled. We chatted halfway through the concert, gave some hugs, very cool and mature. Yo brought me a drink after that, and I think I needed it! Helped me focus on the concert rather than pick at that nasty emotional scab again.

But I summation: 1) bjm good; 2) mmj not as good; 3)tuesday night concert at the starlite, priceless.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Treadmills + Rock = wow

For those of you who no longer watch MuchMusic/MTV or who haven't been to lately, here's a great video from OK Go! Called "Here it goes again." It's 3:03 minutes of pure brilliance! (well, brilliance and good coordination!)

I LOOOOOOVE this video! *claps hands giddily* there's no way you can watch this and not smile!

Here it goes again