Thursday, May 31, 2007

I really love your hairdo yeah, I'm glad you like mine too: see we're looking pretty cool, look at ya!

Went with Ms. Yolande to see the Dandy Warhols at the EEC last night. Damn, was that a rad show!

Though I remember enjoying songs like, "Not if you were the last Junkie on Earth" from the late 90s, it wasn't until 2002 that I really picked up on them with the release of the crazy-catchey "Bohemian Like You." (If you don't recognize the song, it's that insanely easy to get stuck in your head one from car commercials. Trust me, You've heard it.)

I went a little crazy on the Dandys in 2003-4 when "Welcome to the Monkey House" came out and then from there leapfrogged into my love for the Brian Jonestown Massacre from the documentary "Dig!" when it came out in '04.

They have quickly moved up my list of favorite bands of all-time. Not most favorite, granted, that spot will always be reserved for a little band called Radiohead, but DAMN, are their songs catchy!

The concert was fantastic. They didn't bullshit around with the crowd but pretty much stuck to playing great songs, which I appreciate, because that's what people are there for: the music. They played a nearly 2-hour set and by about midway stopped with a set list and started taking requests shouted out from the audience. Of course the bigger songs were played, and a few surprises were, too. Sadly, one of my favorites, "Get Off", wasn't played, but by the end of the evening Courtney (lead singer)'s voice was so raw he could barely speak.

The final cap that made this concert exceptional, however, was their refusal to do an encore. They played their asses off and the last song Courtney screamed his lungs out, then they left the stage, the keyboardist thanked us and sang us a quick solo, then it was over. Boom. Done. I thought it was refreshing, seeing as how this was the first concert I've EVER been to without an encore. And why not? Encores should be special, and in this day and age, they're built into the show, so that you KNOW it's coming, as the #1 radio hit has yet to be played...hmm, I wonder if they'll perform it during the encore? Pfft. Besides, I think it leads many bands to make their performances choreographed and half-assed, because they'll just wait for some screaming and adoration from the crowd before playing a song you damned well KNEW was coming. Pandering. And kind of lame. This concert? Far from it.


Thursday, May 24, 2007

Can you say, "road trip"!?!

THIS was on the front page of the Edmonton Journal this morning. Sad, frightening, yet deliciously bad. I believe a visit sometime this summer is in order. We could even go to Drumheller afterwards and laugh at all the "fake" dinosaurs. Woot!

Happy Birthday to me, happy birthday to me...


Monday, May 14, 2007

Monday Made Worse (...then slightly better)

You know what sucks even worse than coming in to work on a Monday morning while the beautiful sun shines and blue skies mock you out your window? Doing it a day early.

Yes, I came in to work on a Sunday afternoon. And Mother's Day, no less. *sigh* Sadly, I just had too much that needed to be done. Not that it really got finished. Amazingly, 4 hours of working on data entry and filing only got me the data entry done and even then, I've still got about 50 letters to enter. Gah. And of course, when you walk into the building and sit down at your computer, there are 60 emails waiting in your inbox, shiny and new, just begging to be answered in due course. Blargh.



Now, on to a more positive note (and speaking of suckitude, though, of course, a rather "different" kind of suckitude....) I thought I'd share something that brightened my day and nearly made me spit coffee on my computer screen:

Kleaning the Kitty cat would have clawed my face off had I ever tried this. I don't think I would even had made it within 5 feet of him.

Happy Monday,


Wednesday, May 09, 2007

My Ray of Sunshine on a Rainy Day...

Woke up this morning to no sun shining through my window and a dark, dreary-looking sky above. Recognizing that this was not conducive to making me want to wake up and go to work, I decided to treat myself to a coffee and scone from the corner bakery before work.

I showed up, got my latte and oven-hot scone (dee-licious!) and paid with my debit. Unfortunately, debit machine wouldn't work. Tried again. No dice. Line up was growing and I heard rumblings behind me as work-bound commuters impatiently groaned that they, too, were paying with debit. I gave the girl my business card (I have so few opportunities to use them, but this was as good as any) and promised to return and pay in the evening, when a lady a few people behind me jumped to the front and threw a $20 bill on the counter, saying, "It's Okay, I've got everyone's coffee." We all turned around puzzled at the idea of someone being this kind and generous before 8am and without their morning java. I tried to protest and the woman shrugged that she she had found the money in the IGA parking lot the previous day, and figured that making sure we were all caffeinated was as good a way to spend it as any.

So I got my breakfast paid for by a wonderful stranger. I wish I had stopped to get her name, or even thank her. But then she jumped on her white horse and rode away, so I couldn't.

...Ok, so I made up the horse part, but if this were the movies, it would SO be how the story ended. Also, she'd probably have gun holsters with really cool homemade pistols in them or something.




Tuesday, May 01, 2007

When the power of Awesome combines...

Surfing the net at work (what? Coffee break :oP)and came across this mashup of two sweetass movies (and two of my favorites): Anchorman, and the recent release 300. You gotta watch it and wet yourself. Or, you know, not wet yourself. Though I highly doubt that's possible, considering the power of hilarity and radness the link below bestows.

Anchorman, 300