Thursday, August 02, 2007


Going to keep this short, as I will not waste one more iota of vacation time than needs be... in Montreal (well, technically, Laval, but who`s counting?) for a few days and have access (finally) to a computer. Thought I could pilfer my cousin`s internet with my laptop but, sadly, am too technologically inept to properly enact said pilfering. Thus, I am using her antiquated computer to send a few heidi hos your way...

...that said, the lovely (and envy-stirring) pictures I had wished to post from my laptop will have to wait until I can either figure this out or find a proper wireless connection for my laptop to work. Until such time, you will all have to just take my word for it that I am in a much nicer place than you. :P ....

...Having fun, trying not to get sunburned while simultaneously trying to suntan (it`s a tightrope walk!), eating way to much bad food and enjoying it thoroughly. Will most likely come back with 5 lbs sont les vacances, n`est-ce pas? Lots of lounging, relaxing, mid-day naps and frequent dips in the river when it gets unbearably hot, and a fridge full of beer, just to myself! (well, now that my uncle is no longer around to steal some....*grumble*...)

...I do miss you all...but not enough to come home. hehehe. Lots of love,