Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Por Nada...

Came home last night to a big pile o' mail at the front door. And what was in that pile, my dearest lads and lasses? (If you live in E-town like me, you already know the answer to this one...) Yes, that's right, my King-Ralph sanctioned Prosperity Cheque. A whole whopping $400.00 from the government, for no particular reason other than, well, "because we can."

Now, while many people see this as a great bonus to being from the great red-neck yee-haw province of Alberta and are planning spa packages (well, those who aren't on the dole and using this money to pay off their mortgage this month, that is,) I am more interested in the "becase we can" part of this equation.

What many of my fellow Albertans seem to be taking for granted in this mad money-grubbing rush is how very fortunate we are to be getting this money at all. I mean, think about it: a few million of us are being given, for no other reason than because we happen to live in one of the wealthiest places in the world, what in some 3rd-world country would be the equivalent of an entire year's salary. I'm sure my $400.00 would go a long way towards feeding some hungry orphans or building a well or some such thing.

Just kinda rubs me the wrong way when some people are getting all self-congratulatory, as if they did something special to "deserve" this. Reminds me of the last Chris Rock HBO special I saw. He made a funny (and hilarious because it was so true) comment about how proud people are and how deserving they feel about coming from a first world country. Chris succinctly put it (excuse lack of humour brought on by my poor paraphrase): "you didn't do anything to get where you are, you just happened to come out of the right person in the right place a the right time. That's not destiny, that's luck!"

In that spirit, I think I'm going to count myself lucky and spend the money on things i really need, rather than just spoil myself. Since the money isn't being spent on things like education and health care (because the "people" use the money so much more wisely than the government, pfft) and i've got no health coverage at the mo', I think this money'll help go to paying off to get my teeth fixed, so this ache that's been bothering me for the past few weeks will finally go away. Not glamorous, but more useful than a new pair of boots.

How are you all going to use your money, E-tonians?



Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Hi ho, neighbours. Your lovely fitzy is not as cheery as normal. Most likely due to the outcome of last night's elections. Not that I was surprised. You know, one crappy thing about living in E-town is that it is very difficult to complain about the election results. I gotta find the other 2 non-conservatives in the entire province and THEN we could have a dialogue. Unfortunately, I live in a community where the blues are rather popular and the MP for my riding is a jolly complacent fat man who enjoys eating buckets of chicken and kittens. Not that I can verify any of that, mind you. Except the kitten part, that I've got photos for. (hehe)

On the bright side, very excited that the little Orange and Green engines that could actually managed to increase their seats this election. So proud of you, and your authoritative mustache, Jacky-boy.("The mustache is where much of my authority is derived", sorry gotta quote movies any chance i get)

Ah well. Time to make the best of things. I hope you all did your civic duties and voted last night. and if not: for SHAME!!! that's right. i said it. SHAAAAAAAME! hehe.

lemme know how things went in your ridings. i'd be interested to see how my buddies in the T-dot felt about this, my little displaced Edmontonians that they are.



Tuesday, January 17, 2006

2006: The year of the busy little bee...

Whoo, baby!

My appy-polly-logies to all my buddies/readers (yes, both of you)for not being as good at the updates in the new year.

I hope that your New Year's plans went well. My eve was quieter than planned, but by the time I was dressed up and ready to go, the urge to boogie on the dancefloor had mysteriously vanished. Got some good hugs and phone calls in, though, so I suppose that's always something, right? :o)

Well, Fitzy's been busy this year. New job that actually requires real work ethic (wow! It's exciting, I know!) and lack of regular access to the internet have been my excuses. I'm reluctant to try this puppy at home for fear that it may cause my ol' compy to gasp its last breath.

Anywho, things are not too terrible right now. No big complaints or anything. But alas, I have another assignment to finish for work, but there'll be a nice post next time. promise. just checking in so you don't think i'm dead.

word to your mother.