Thursday, April 27, 2006

Lucky Lucky, You're so Lucky....

Heidi Ho, Neighbourinos!

Appy-polly-logies for the delay in my updates. This whole "real" job thing's a bummer. No time to dally on the 'net and update useless self-gratifying blog. *sigh*

Went to see the lads of FF with Death Cab for Cutie on Tuesday with MJ, Hore-atio and The Married One. It was awesome! Even bought myself a t-shirt, which was a first, amazingly, for me. Amazing, since I've been to about 40 concerts in my 23 short years and not a one where I've had the urge to purchase (typically overpriced) swag. But it was too hip not to. Okay, so every other female in E-town will have one, but I care not, for I had a great time.

After the concert, went back to Hore-atio's place to watch the overtime nail-biter between the Oilers and the Red Wings (well, boys did, I started to doze) until about 1am before MJ drove the Married One and I home. Woke up yesterday with a mega head-cold and called in sick. Laid on couch and watched DVDs of X-Files and Dead Like Me and slept. Woot. *cough*

Back at work now, which blows. I'm done with this whole working while sick thing. gonna go home and sleep some more. Maybe eat some ice cream for my throat. Yes, erm, throat, that's it...hehe....



Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The King is Dead!

Ralph Klein just held a press conference announcing his retirement!!!!

...okay, so it's in 6 months, but STILL! dance a little jig with me, will ya?

hee hee hee!