Tuesday, October 31, 2006


I hope everyone has a spook-tacular day today!

I am going home tonight to carve pumpkins and hand out candy to wee minions of the dark lord (buhuhuwahahahahahaha!)

While I don't yet have any pictures of Saturday night's Monster Mash party (where I was actually costumed), I DO have a few from Friday night's Wake at the DU house (premise: place last year's most drunken fratboy in coffin, pour booze over him, have angel and devil fight over his eternal soul while priest/shaman--in this case, mormon--moderates).

Boo, dearies!



Party Peeps in the Hizzouse
Soul Wrestling
Cool Cat and Kitties

Sunday, October 29, 2006

It Snowed This Weekend!

Ok, I'm probably the only Edmontonian who will admit this (but I can't be the only one who feels this way, otherwise this city would consist of me and a really big, useless mall) but I love winter. All right, so the cold gets to you after a while, but there's nothing more beautiful than a landscape freshly covered in a thick blanket of fresh snow.

While Friday it drizzled/sleeted a bit, I awoke on Saturday to find a winter wonderland outside my window. I did a little happy-dance and decided that I would go for a walk in the white stuff when I had the chance.

Well, here I sit at work (yes, on a Sunday, not enough hours in the week, unfortunately) having trudged through the beautiful river valley, where freshly plowed pathways crisscrossed through swathes of barren trees whose last orange leaves dotted the unblemished snow like exclamation marks. Very pretty. The quiet induced by the insulating snow cover is also nice. It's like, for a few moments, I'm far away from civilization in my own little ice paradise.

Ok. I know, I'm waxing poetic about ice. But seriously, you gotta love it! Maybe on my way home I'll make a snow angel (or, perhaps, in the spirit of All Hallow's Eve, a snow DEVIL...)

Hmm. Now if only I had some maple syrup and a stick....



Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Because it's Friday, Pt. 2: Tuesday is the New Friday!

Ok. Tuesday isn't really the new Friday, but I wanted to post something sublimely silly that made me laugh again.

This week is shaping up to be a touch better than the last (mostly because, well, it's nearly hallowe'en! woot!) I've been promoted at work, which means a new office, new (and fewer, ha!) responsibilities and some extra dinero just in time for Xmas. Hurrah! As a celebration and because I'm too busy to think up something clever to write about (brain is slowly dying...must be all those sinus medications I keep mixing with alcohol, oops...haha!)

The following is a picture of my buddy Stephen, who is currently residing in Osaka, Japan to teach English and, more importantly, score with hot Asian babes. (What? He wouldn't contradict me on that front) Now, most westerners are a little shocked when they go over and realize that, for the most part, they are waaaay bigger than their Japanese counterparts. For Steve, however, that goes double because, well...he's about double the size of the average Japanese person. He's about 6'5" (over 2m tall, for those of you imperially-challenged) and has the size to go with the height. The following are some of the funniest things I've seen in a while (many thanks to Steve who, while not having given me express permission to post these, I will assume doesn't mind as: a) you can't see his face and b) the more famous he gets, the more bitches he can score with, so the way I see it, I'm pimpin' him out!)

Steve's Apartment

Steve, In his apartment

Friday, October 20, 2006

Because It's Friday...

This has been a rough week, and I'm sure many of you can empathize.

So, to cheer everyone, I've included one of the funniest things I have ever encountered. But first, the prelude!

While in Paris, I was browsing through a bunch of sightseeing pamphlets at the hotel we were staying in. Though most were your run-of-the mill bus and walking tours, I came across THIS
and nearly pissed myself laughing.

Yes. What you see there is, in fact, a City Segway Tour. Now, not only is the thought of putzing around Paris on a dorky-looking segway humorous, but they actually include pictures (see below) of tourists looking so....painfully...tourist-y that I couldn't help but grab the pamphlet and show everyone I saw! I mean, not only is there a group of them milling about the Louvre, but they're all middle-aged, carrying 2-tonnes worth of video recording equipment, wearing pleated khakis and (worst of all) safety helmets. Seriously. All they would need to complete the picture would be some sandals and socks pulled up to the Knee.

And of course, the best way to experience the full hilarity of such a ridiculous exercise? Why, to actually GO ON a Segway tour of Paris, of course! I begged my travelling companions to sign up, extolling the virtues of such an adventure, such as:

- looking like complete assholes on segways
- completely pissing off every Parisian within eyeshot
- quite possibly getting run over in the streets by crazed Parisian motorists
- taking the piss out of any serious travellers on Segways that we saw

They shot down my idea, which I was very disappointed about. My brother brought up the fact that, in our week in Paris, we did not see ONE SINGLE PERSON on a Segway and took that as an indication of how "cool" it was. But that's the entire POINT of such an exercise: being as supremely un-cool as possible so that you might regale your friends with tales of your utter stupidity at a later date!

I discussed this event with the girls while performing our Thursday Night Ritual (ie: drinks and Grey's Anatomy) and Miss Betts and Blythe were in perfect agreement that, should we ever go to Paris together, we must indulge in this most heinously tacky activity. Why climb Everest? Because it's there. Why take a Segway tour of the City of Lights? Because you can't NOT!

I hope you got a giggle like I did,


Monday, October 16, 2006

Art (Parental Advisory Warning: Nudity)

Dragon Nude
Lounging Nude
Seated Nude


Aren't they gorgeous?

(special Thanks to M.Mahe, who is the talented hand behind these)

They Blinded me with Science (Science!)

What, pray tell, is dear Miss Fitz doing quoting from bad 80s new wave? Why...explaining my weekend of fun, sillies!

This weekend was rather spectacular. Not that I did anything terribly exciting, it was just...well...really really fun!

Friday was Miss Tacky Berry's med-school bar star night, so Bettsy and I accompanied her to Stolli's. At the ripe old age of 24, having been legally able to frequent such establishments for a pithy 6 years, I must humbly admit that my heart is no longer into the club scene. Seriously. Bettsy and I kept looking at each other as rude drunks barrelled past us and spilled cheap drinks on my pretty new shoes. (my new ruby slippers! they're fab!)

Saturday was waaaay more fun. Bettsy, Mr. Mahe and I went to the Space and Science Centre (!!!) for a night of fun any 6-year-old would envy! I hadn't been there in ages, and man, it was even more fun than I remembered! The exhibits are really cool now, because they're all interactive, so you can do things like try to pump blood like a heart or solve a crime using DNA analysis and all that cool stuff. It was rad! I think my personal favorite was the "gross" section, where you could play "Mary had a Little Lamb" with fart noises. Yes, it was a learning smorgasbord!


Yesterday I experienced something very unique that, while intimidating at first, was something I really enjoyed in the end and am very glad for the experience. In short, I posed for my good buddy Mahe's ink-drawings of the human figure. And damn, do they look good. I will be uploading the pictures of the drawings as soon as he sends them to me. They're gorgeous.

Oh yes....and did i mention, they are nudes?



Friday, October 13, 2006

Dear God, why?!

So I was googling myself the other day (i know, my grandma said it would make me go blind, but hey, I can't help it! A girl's got needs!hahaha!)

Ahem. Sorry. I need a moment to just sit and reflect on my own hilariousness. (because none of you will do it, nonono)

Ok, anyways, so I found me (the real me, not some other Miss Fitz who sells cheese on eBay or something) and a few articles I had written a couple of years back for my University newspaper. One of them (my last, in fact) is on Che Guevara. Yes, THAT Che Guevara. I know that some people love him, and I won't discuss at the moment why that is 20 shades of uncool in this particular forum. I will, however, share with you my recent experience in France, where, amongst the goofy tourist items like mini-Eiffel towers and felt berets, there were (inexplicably) t-shirts with french lettering on them that had his (handsome) mug on them.

What the fuck is that?

What the hell does Che Guevara have to do with France?

This little bit of idiocy, while annoying,was a big validation in that, 3 years on, my writing is still as relevant as it was when it was published.

Warning: If you love Che Guevara, own the T-shirt or in any way adulate this freedom fighter...don't click on this link. Seriously.

Viva la Revolution!

Have a pleasant weekend, everyone!


Wednesday, October 11, 2006

A Few Photos of Paris

This is by no means the best or all of what we have, but it's a little taste for your viewing "plaisir".

A bientot!


Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Ah, Europe, How I love Thee, Let me Count the Ways....

Hello boys and girls!

Sorry about my lack of blogging, but I have just returned from an incredibly awesome trip to Europe and, quite frankly, couldn't be bothered with keeping up on my blogger account. (Especially considering that it costs about 1 euro every 30 minutes for internet time)

The trip was awesome and I will post links for pictures as soon as we have them downloaded of my brother's camera.

London I enjoyed much more than last trip, though I would recommend everyone stay the hell away from Mme Tussaud's. Not that the wax figures aren't cool. Only that they're not worth the exhorbitant cost of entry.

Paris was fantastic, everything there was larger than life and built to impress. The price of food was ridiculous, so we got very good at eating baguettes and cheese in the park rather than attempting to dine in a brasserie.

Munich was a drunken good time, and that about sums up my trip. I'll give more details when I have the chance, though I'm sure most of you are caught up with the emails I sent out during my trip.

I met some wonderful American and Australian friends, as well as a few adorable Aussie boys (though we won't be divulging any details on THAT anytime soon).

I'll keep you posted as to my picture uplinks, but from the few I've seen, I think they'll be rather impressive.