Wednesday, November 22, 2006


So, if you haven't heard, there's a leadership race happening in the Conservative Party to replace our dearly departed (no, not dead, just gone, thank you jebus!) Premier. They've been campaigning for aeons now, but THIS
was just released by one of the front-runners, Ted Morton.

This is the guy who is so right wing he makes Klein look like a pinko. He's also the guy who introduced a bill to try to get gay marriage blocked in Alberta (contravening the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.)

You have to listen to his theme song. It's ridiculous. And country, of course. Lots o' twang in there, as well as jabs against anything east of Saskatchewan. *eyes rolling*

On the hilarious side, it has been suggested that Tim Horton's adopt this song in a parody for their new ad campaign. I can dig it.

Throwing up in my mouth (just a little)


Tuesday, November 21, 2006

OOh! New Features!

Hello guys and dolls!

Just trying out my new fonts and such on my blogger account. I will have to play around with this stuff.....but after my post!

Hope everyone had a good weekend. It's been a while since my post and I have spent the bulk of my time lazing about trying to cure myself of what ails me. (Not going so hot)

To follow up on the last post, I missed Frank Black (I know! Sad!) because I had the flu. Stupid flu. I will keel you, I swear! White blood cells, ATTACK! (i don't think they respond to orders, but I'll try anything at this point.)

My weekend was very busy, going to sex shows (Taboo sex trade show at the Agricom, not some 25c peep show, perverts!) and barn dances (the Agriculture faculty's annual Bar None for the U of A, where I two stepped and drank and tried very hard to flirt with an adorable cowboy who, in retrospect, was probably too dense to realize I was flirting with him....grrr). That was friday and Saturday.

Saturday was also the day I strapped myself to a snowboard for the first time in 3 (oh my god, three!) years. I went with SONiC, which meant that I got free rentals and a lift pass. Woot! I was rather proud of myself that I didn't fall down the first time back on the hill. I DID fall, however, and felt my brain rattle inside my head as I flipped head over heels. Ouch. The worst part was being schooled by a 6-year-old, who came up to me after my fall and told me flat out, "you're not very good, are you?" I was a little taken aback at this little tart's cheek, but managed to smile and say, "nope, I guess not!" I don't think it helped that she probably assumed I was on a pro snowboarding team, since we were bedecked in our SONiC orange coveralls. That, or an escaped convict, you be the judges!

Sunday was baking day, wherein I got all my Xmas baking done (ok, so it spread a little to Monday, too) and spent the rest of the afternoon smacking my stepdad's hand away from the shortbread. Also went over to Scotty and Lexi's place and played with their new kitten, Nemy. I looooove kittens. I miss them. I want one. Boo.

Otherwise, things be swell. I'm taking up my lunch hour typing this, so I'm going to stop now and get some soup before I waste my entire dinner time!

Until Next Time,


ps- Congratulations to Jenna & Sean, who just got engaged last week! I'm so happy for you guys!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

With your feet in the air and your head on the ground...

....and there's nothing in it and you'll ask yourself,

"where is my mind? Where is my mind? wheeeere is my mind? Way out in the water, see it swimming?"

Who likes the Pixies? I do!

Guess who's going to see Black Francis (ie: Frank Black)tonight w/ SONiC?

No....really, guess....

Ok, ok, it's ME! Hehehehe.

That is, of course, if I can keep this damned flu under control for the next 10 hours. Otherwise, it's back to bed for me. (This is my daily routine for the past few days, get up, go to work, go home, fall unconscious for next 15 hours, wake up, take decongestant, repeat)



Friday, November 03, 2006

For make glorious nation Khazakstan

The new Borat movie opens today.

I saw the preview last night.

Go see it. It is the most obscenely funny movie I have seen in a long, long time. Maybe ever. It will make your eyes bulge in disbelief (did he just say that?....) and tears spurt from laughing so hard.

Seriously. It's awesome. And offensive. So if you're easily'll just have to get over it and go see the movie anyway.

That is all.